Cycling Dates in Thailand


Thailand is a beautiful country in the southeastern part of Asia. It is known for its gorgeous attractions such as beaches, palaces, temples, and old ruins. There are so many sites to see there! If you’re living in Thailand or want to vacation there soon, you probably want to do someplace seeing. Such a date would be a perfect date for you and your significant other. To enhance the experience even more, instead of going the typical way, which is driving from place to place, try biking! If you are a bike lover but still single and adore Thailand, then a Thai cupid review may help you meet with your perfect date! Let’s now delve in the different bike dates that you may wish to venture while in Thailand.

Regular bike date:

The first date idea is to do some sightseeing but on a bike, of course! You could do this in a few different ways. Thailand has several different companies that will take you on tours of their country. As such, it would be a lovely way to relax and enjoy the beauty of the country with your partner. Some tours can last for up to two weeks, which would be a very long route and you and your date would have to be up for the challenge, but it would also be very rewarding. It could even be a life-changing experience.

If you don’t want to have an instructor taking you places, then you could go by yourselves, however, make sure you know where you’re going so you don’t get lost. Going with only the two of you could make your date even more romantic! Who knows what adventures you could go on in Thailand!

Food bike date:

Yes, you read that, right! Thailand offers food cycling tours where you can ride to not just one, but many different restaurants or places to try some of the countries best food. You can eat the appetizer to the dessert, and this would be such a fun way to go out to dinner and would finitely be out of the ordinary! Don’t worry if you’re vegetarian! Some places will accommodate you.

Hike and bike date:

Say you and your lover want to see some areas that would not be easy to bike on. Not a problem! Split the tour between biking and hiking. Bike the places that are accommodating and hike the sites that are not. Even if your path would be bike-friendly the whole way and you don’t want to bike all of the time, then you could still park your bike for a bit and do some hiking.

Night bike date:

Biking at night in any city is beautiful. Going biking at night in Thailand in some of the larger cities, such as Bangkok, would sure to be a great date. You wouldn’t have to worry as much about traffic, as it would be much slower, and the temperature may be much more manageable. Not much in the world can beat seeing buildings light up in the night sky. It is something simple, yet such a work of art which would be sure to bring in a romantic mood for the night.

First Cycling Dates: Do’s and Don’ts


First dates can be exciting and terrifying. It’s normal to be nervous, but you want to make sure you have fun! If you’re going to do something cheap, romantic, and incredibly adorable, you may want to check into going on a cycling date. Imagine riding through a park and holding hands while everyone stops and smiles at you. You’d almost be sure to win your partner over with this. Sound interesting enough? There are a lot of good outcomes that could come from the first date like this, but there are some things you would want to avoid. Let’s go over some of the do’s and don’t of going cycling on a first date.

The Do’s

Know where you’re going

Planning is key. Have a destination in mind of where you want to go. It could be a restaurant, park, concert, or pretty much anywhere, but you want to know your route to make the situation not look awkward! No one wants to get lost, especially if you need to be somewhere on time, Plus it might be a little embarrassing if you planned the whole thing.

Respect your date

This rule is simple. Maybe your date isn’t the best at biking and has to stop a few times to prevent a crash. Please don’t make fun of them; be supportive! They’re probably embarrassed enough, so don’t put any added pressure on them. If you’re mean, then chances are you will not be going on a second date.

Try tandem biking

Tandem biking isn’t a must, but it would be enjoyable to try! It is most appropriate for going on a date (not really but close enough). It might be a little awkward at first, but by the end, you might have made some fantastic memories and could have built a great bond with your date.

The Don’ts:

Don’t ride in a line

If you don’t ride side by side, then you won’t be able to talk to each other. Not communicating could be uncomfortable for both of you. Granted there may be some times where you’ll have to go in front or behind your date if there is an obstacle in your path, but overall you’ll want to be next to each other.

Don’t complain

Don’t be that person who continually asks, “Are we there yet?” Enjoy the time you have with your date. Even if your legs are hurting, try your best to suck it up and keep going. You can do it! If you need to, politely ask your date if you can slow it down a little bit. Surely they would be understanding.

Don’t separate

This one is pretty obvious, but stay with your date! Please don’t leave them a mile behind because no one will be enjoying themselves. Plus, this wouldn’t even be a date if you weren’t together for it. Find a comfortable speed for both of you, and roll with it!

Overall, be sure to have fun and seize the opportunity to see if you and your date are compatible and if you will want to see each other again!

The Perfect Cycling Date


Dating is something most everyone does in their life. When you think of a typical date, you might think of having a romantic dinner, going to see that new movie that everyone is talking about, or even just staying at home and hanging out. Maybe you’re getting tired of doing the same things with your loved one and want to try something new. Perhaps you could go on a cycling adventure. There are many different things you could do and places you could go on a bike.

Bike through a park and have a picnic

Biking through a car park is one of the most inexpensive date ideas out there! You could get one of those cute little baskets that go in front of your handlebars and pack everything in there. All you would need to pack is a blanket, your favorite snacks, and drinks. To romanticize the event, even more, you could hold hands while riding through town. Talk about a couple of goals!

Bike to a local show

There are so many activities going on around you that you probably don’t know. Research shows or concerts near you and bike with your significant other to see them. You wouldn’t have to worry about as much traffic since chances are, the shows will be smaller. It may be harder to bike to a more significant event (such as an NFL game or Taylor Swift concert) due to all the traffic, but you could still give it a go! Going to a local show on a bike would be a fun evening date, for sure.

Go on a bike tour

Maybe you’re on vacation and want to explore, or you want to venture to new parts around where you live. Cities all over offer a variety of bike tours. It could range from biking by a beach to going through the mountains. Even if you don’t live by these things, there are more options to offer. You and your loved one are sure to find something you can enjoy together.

Go on a biking adventure

There is a beautiful world out there for everyone to explore. For this idea, pick an outdoor destination where you and your date want to go (it could be a hiking trail, a city, a beach) and bike to that destination. The sky is the limit. If you chose to go to a place like a beach, you probably wouldn’t want to ride around with your bike on the sand. In this case, you could park your bike. Usually, there are places designated for this. If you don’t want it to get stolen, you could walk it and set it down later.

Tandem biking

Tandem biking is such a cute and fun date idea. Rent or purchase a tandem bike and go crazy with it! You could bike everywhere with your partner. It might seem a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much more comfortable. Being on a tandem bike will probably attract some attention and more awe’s.

Cycling and dating- a new lifestyle!


To keep healthy, being outdoor during most of your recreational time is a very good idea. Cycling is becoming more and more popular and this activity has crossed the borders of physical exercise. Nowadays, there are many couples who are meeting during their bike ride. Many men and women find it romantic that they marry someone who is fond doing cycling like them.

Sports mingled with love is not a bad idea at all. It just enhances the relationship between the couples practicing it. Thailand is not an exception to this new concept of dating and marrying. Recently, a newly married couple spent their honeymoon cycling 9,000 kilometers around Thailand on a tandem bike.

Stay tuned as we are bringing fresh cycle dating news to our readers.

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