Cycling Dates in Thailand


Thailand is a beautiful country in the southeastern part of Asia. It is known for its gorgeous attractions such as beaches, palaces, temples, and old ruins. There are so many sites to see there! If you’re living in Thailand or want to vacation there soon, you probably want to do someplace seeing. Such a date would be a perfect date for you and your significant other. To enhance the experience even more, instead of going the typical way, which is driving from place to place, try biking! If you are a bike lover but still single and adore Thailand, then a Thai cupid review may help you meet with your perfect date! Let’s now delve in the different bike dates that you may wish to venture while in Thailand.

Regular bike date:

The first date idea is to do some sightseeing but on a bike, of course! You could do this in a few different ways. Thailand has several different companies that will take you on tours of their country. As such, it would be a lovely way to relax and enjoy the beauty of the country with your partner. Some tours can last for up to two weeks, which would be a very long route and you and your date would have to be up for the challenge, but it would also be very rewarding. It could even be a life-changing experience.

If you don’t want to have an instructor taking you places, then you could go by yourselves, however, make sure you know where you’re going so you don’t get lost. Going with only the two of you could make your date even more romantic! Who knows what adventures you could go on in Thailand!

Food bike date:

Yes, you read that, right! Thailand offers food cycling tours where you can ride to not just one, but many different restaurants or places to try some of the countries best food. You can eat the appetizer to the dessert, and this would be such a fun way to go out to dinner and would finitely be out of the ordinary! Don’t worry if you’re vegetarian! Some places will accommodate you.

Hike and bike date:

Say you and your lover want to see some areas that would not be easy to bike on. Not a problem! Split the tour between biking and hiking. Bike the places that are accommodating and hike the sites that are not. Even if your path would be bike-friendly the whole way and you don’t want to bike all of the time, then you could still park your bike for a bit and do some hiking.

Night bike date:

Biking at night in any city is beautiful. Going biking at night in Thailand in some of the larger cities, such as Bangkok, would sure to be a great date. You wouldn’t have to worry as much about traffic, as it would be much slower, and the temperature may be much more manageable. Not much in the world can beat seeing buildings light up in the night sky. It is something simple, yet such a work of art which would be sure to bring in a romantic mood for the night.

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