First Cycling Dates: Do’s and Don’ts


First dates can be exciting and terrifying. It’s normal to be nervous, but you want to make sure you have fun! If you’re going to do something cheap, romantic, and incredibly adorable, you may want to check into going on a cycling date. Imagine riding through a park and holding hands while everyone stops and smiles at you. You’d almost be sure to win your partner over with this. Sound interesting enough? There are a lot of good outcomes that could come from the first date like this, but there are some things you would want to avoid. Let’s go over some of the do’s and don’t of going cycling on a first date.

The Do’s

Know where you’re going

Planning is key. Have a destination in mind of where you want to go. It could be a restaurant, park, concert, or pretty much anywhere, but you want to know your route to make the situation not look awkward! No one wants to get lost, especially if you need to be somewhere on time, Plus it might be a little embarrassing if you planned the whole thing.

Respect your date

This rule is simple. Maybe your date isn’t the best at biking and has to stop a few times to prevent a crash. Please don’t make fun of them; be supportive! They’re probably embarrassed enough, so don’t put any added pressure on them. If you’re mean, then chances are you will not be going on a second date.

Try tandem biking

Tandem biking isn’t a must, but it would be enjoyable to try! It is most appropriate for going on a date (not really but close enough). It might be a little awkward at first, but by the end, you might have made some fantastic memories and could have built a great bond with your date.

The Don’ts:

Don’t ride in a line

If you don’t ride side by side, then you won’t be able to talk to each other. Not communicating could be uncomfortable for both of you. Granted there may be some times where you’ll have to go in front or behind your date if there is an obstacle in your path, but overall you’ll want to be next to each other.

Don’t complain

Don’t be that person who continually asks, “Are we there yet?” Enjoy the time you have with your date. Even if your legs are hurting, try your best to suck it up and keep going. You can do it! If you need to, politely ask your date if you can slow it down a little bit. Surely they would be understanding.

Don’t separate

This one is pretty obvious, but stay with your date! Please don’t leave them a mile behind because no one will be enjoying themselves. Plus, this wouldn’t even be a date if you weren’t together for it. Find a comfortable speed for both of you, and roll with it!

Overall, be sure to have fun and seize the opportunity to see if you and your date are compatible and if you will want to see each other again!

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