The Perfect Cycling Date


Dating is something most everyone does in their life. When you think of a typical date, you might think of having a romantic dinner, going to see that new movie that everyone is talking about, or even just staying at home and hanging out. Maybe you’re getting tired of doing the same things with your loved one and want to try something new. Perhaps you could go on a cycling adventure. There are many different things you could do and places you could go on a bike.

Bike through a park and have a picnic

Biking through a car park is one of the most inexpensive date ideas out there! You could get one of those cute little baskets that go in front of your handlebars and pack everything in there. All you would need to pack is a blanket, your favorite snacks, and drinks. To romanticize the event, even more, you could hold hands while riding through town. Talk about a couple of goals!

Bike to a local show

There are so many activities going on around you that you probably don’t know. Research shows or concerts near you and bike with your significant other to see them. You wouldn’t have to worry about as much traffic since chances are, the shows will be smaller. It may be harder to bike to a more significant event (such as an NFL game or Taylor Swift concert) due to all the traffic, but you could still give it a go! Going to a local show on a bike would be a fun evening date, for sure.

Go on a bike tour

Maybe you’re on vacation and want to explore, or you want to venture to new parts around where you live. Cities all over offer a variety of bike tours. It could range from biking by a beach to going through the mountains. Even if you don’t live by these things, there are more options to offer. You and your loved one are sure to find something you can enjoy together.

Go on a biking adventure

There is a beautiful world out there for everyone to explore. For this idea, pick an outdoor destination where you and your date want to go (it could be a hiking trail, a city, a beach) and bike to that destination. The sky is the limit. If you chose to go to a place like a beach, you probably wouldn’t want to ride around with your bike on the sand. In this case, you could park your bike. Usually, there are places designated for this. If you don’t want it to get stolen, you could walk it and set it down later.

Tandem biking

Tandem biking is such a cute and fun date idea. Rent or purchase a tandem bike and go crazy with it! You could bike everywhere with your partner. It might seem a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much more comfortable. Being on a tandem bike will probably attract some attention and more awe’s.

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